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The Speech of the Birds

All the birds of the world, known and
unknown, gather to choose a king;
hoopoe, experienced in spiritual ways,
designates to them--King Bird Simorgh.
It causes them to cross seven
valleys: Research, Love, Knowledge,
Ignoring, Unification, Fear, Frustration.
Finally, thirty survivors experienced
the ultimate revelation: the Simorg
was their own essence, previously
buried deep within themselves.
At the end of the journey, it is the
mystery of the Self revealed
to the individual annihilated .

This famous story of initiation, 4647
verses, interspersed with stories and
anecdotes, remains forever one of
the gems of spirituality.
(.. V 1140 v-1230) Of its author,
Farîd-Ud-Dîn ' Attar, Persian mystic and poet, the great Rumi said:
"He was the soul of Sufism, I only follow his trail ».

Guest Musicians
Jean Hervé Péron (FAUST)
Maâlem Abdeslam Alikane (TYOUR GNAOUA)
Abdolah Orouche (Berber Traditional Musician REBAB)

French : Jean Hervé Péron (FAUST)
Arabic : Mohammed Souah
Assyrian : Ann Yonan

Music and animation in progress...


Photographic credits
We thank our photographer friends for their generous participations...
Without them, nothing would have been possible !

... and equally the photo sites free
of rights and gratis !
chronological order        
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© Various Birds, including the Heron
  Alain Eckert http://www.oiseaux.net/photos/alain.eckert/
© Various Birds, including the Owl
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© Various Birds, including the Falcon and The Wagtail
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© The Hoopoe in multiple attitudes
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© Various Birds, including the Partridge
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© Various Birds
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© The Goldfinch
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Public Domain Pictures
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© Various Birds
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© The Wagtail

René Dumoulin

© The Hoopoe in multiple attitudes & the Nightingale singing

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© Various Birds & Landscapes
Mon Carnard
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© Various Birds, including the Hoopoe

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© The Wagtail

et Thierry Becret

© The Hoopoe on the ground
  János Oláhs http://www.sakertour.com/index.php
© The Hoopoe in multiple attitudes & the Owl

Most of the images in the video are not royalty free.
You can contact us for a formal relationship with photographers, thank you.




CC Creative Commons

chronological order    
  David Evers https://www.flickr.com/photos/31216636@N00/2379677029
The Goose running...
  David Bottan https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Upupa_con_cresta_aperta.JPG?uselang=fr
The Hoopoe